Belgian Journal of Linguistics

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Belgian Journal of Linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam


The Belgian Journal of Linguistics (BJL) is the annual publication of the Linguistic Society of Belgium. A typical issue is a collection of selected contributions from the international meetings organized by the LSB; other issues are put together by expert guest editors around an important topic in linguistics. The thematic issues of the BJL address a wide range of subjects in different fields of linguistics and neighboring disciplines (e.g. translation, poetics, political discourse), and seek contributions from various theoretical frameworks. The BJL transcends its local basis, not only through the international orientation of its active advisory board, but also by inviting international scholars, both to act as guest editors and to contribute original papers. Articles go through an external and discriminating review process with due attention to ensuring the maintenance of the journal's high-quality content.  

John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam
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ISSN number :  0774-5141, E-ISSN number : 1569-9676