The Digital Institute for Cancer Outcome Research (DIGICORE) is a European Economic Interest Grouping established in Brussels on April 1st 2021.
Today, the Grouping sees the participation of 30 prominent cancer centres from 17 countries, and 2 national cancer networks. Two industrial partners take part to the network: IQVIA, the worldwide leading company of clinical research and Illumina, the global leader in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics. 
DIGICORE is a pan-European research network built to accelerate the implementation of precision oncology in Europe. It promotes and equips cancer centres in their use of routine electronic health records (EHR) and molecular diagnostic information (MDX) for trial automation, real world outcomes research, digital diagnostics and care quality management.

Office of the General Manager: Claudio Lombardo claudio.lombardo@soseurope.eu Contact Person at the Brussels Office: Roxana Plesoianu: info@digicore-cancer.eu