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Since its creation the University Foundation has developed initiatives to support scientific research in Belgium. These activities have evolved over time, because the University Foundation aims to be complementary to other bodies (government agencies, FWO/FNRS …).
Our main initiatives are currently:

  • financial support for the publication of scientific works (books, journals, papers),
  • the organization of scientific meetings (Ethical Forum, Rebel),
  • providing facilities for the organization of scientific and academic activities by external organizations.

The Ethical Forum 2024 of the University Foundation will be devoted to an exchange of views on the criteria for the appointment and the promotion of academic staff in the universities, with the title


The Ethical Forum 2024 takes place on Thursday, December 5, 2024 from 2 to 6 pm, at the University Foundation.
For more information the reader is referred to the EF website.

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The jury of the Fernand Collin Prize 2023 has decided Prize to award the Prize to dr. Sarah LAMBRECHT. This is the first Collin Prize for English language research works. The Prize is awarded for the doctoral thesis "Convention through States’ Eyes. Embedding of the European Convention on Human Rights in States Parties", which the laureate realized at the University of Antwerp with Prof. ¨Patricia Popelier as promotor. The award ceremony took place at the University Foundation on January 18, 2024. Read more

The War Heritage Institute and Belspo are organising a conference titled "FAKE, False and Real in Museums, Culture and Society". This activity is supported by the University Foundation.

This congress wants to show and document through lectures, cases and in extenso guided visits the scope of FAKES in heritage and society, from examples in the fields of cultural, historical and artistic heritage conserved in museums and cultural institutions and will treat topics of expertise as Archaeology, Conservation, Archives, Ethnography, Anthropology, History, Paintings and Visual Arts, Palaeontology, Military, Textile and Costume, Fashion, Design, Media & Journalism, Climate Change Research/Data, Scientific Imagery, Heritage Criminology and Law.

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The latest Ethical Forum of the University Foundation was devoted to an exchange of views on the possibilities and the threats of AI and in particular ChatGPT for university education and research, with the title

ChatGPT and Co in higher education: to be cheered or feared ? 

The Ethical Forum 2023 took place on Thursday, December 7, 2023 from 2 to 6 pm, at the University Foundation.
For more information the reader is referred to the EF 2023 website.Read more



Two books which received subsidy for publication from ten the University Foundarion, have received an award.

The book « À la recherche de l’écologie temporelle. Vivre des temps libérés dans les collectifs néo-paysans autogérés : une analyse anthropologique » (author Madeleine Sallustio) was awarded the First Prize as "livre d'écologie politique". For more information on the award click here. For more information on the book, click here

The book "Le jardin anglais. Evolution du goût et passion botanique" (author Nathalie de Harlez) received the Prize Pierre-Joseph Redouté / Histoire 2023,  a Prize awarded every year to the best book on gardens. For more information on the award click here. For more information on the book, click here.

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In an official ceremony at the University Foundation on 5 December 2022,  the Fernand Collin Prize for Law was awarded to Dr. Janek Tomasz NOWAK  for his doctoral thesis "Ambtshalve toepassing van EU-recht door de Belgische burgerlijke rechter". The laureate obtained his Ph. D. from the KU Leuven in 2021. The thesis was supervised by Prof. dr. Piet Van Nuffel and Prof. dr. Benoît Allemeersch.Read more


For applications for Belgian students for a stay at Biermans-Lapôtre in Paris, follow this linkRead more


The  Ethical Forum of the University Foundation took place on December 7, 2017. The theme was: "What place (if any) for academics in our post-truth era?".

For downloading the presentations and the concluding remarks the reader is referred to the website of the Ethical Forum. The concluding remarks by Philippe Van Parijs have been published as "Reaction and Debate" in Ethical Perspectives, vol. 25, n° 1, pp. 143-148, 2018. This paper can also be downloaded from the downloads section of the Ethical Forum 2017.Read more


To stimulate publication of scientific papers in international journals, of which the language is mostly English, the Commission for Subsidies and Publications of the University Foundation has the possibility of giving financial support for linguistic editing of the manuscipt. Read more

The University Foundation provides financial support for various scientific publications (books, journals, papers), to promote the research carried out in Belgium. 
A list of the recently sponsored publications with the relevant bibliographic references is available : books, papers, journals. A list of previously supported publications is also available .Read more