Club past activities

The University Foundation organizes lots of activities for the members of the Club. Below you can see short reviews of some past activities. A more copmplete list can be seen on the French or Dutch web pages.

 - (Nov 09 2016)

Lunch-debate on November 9, 2016, with an indroductory talk by M. Jonatahan Faull, Director-General of the European Commission's Task Force for Strategic Issues related to the UK Referendum.

The speaker:

Jonathan Faull joined the European Commission in 1978, becoming Director for Competition Policy at the Directorate-General for Competition in 1995, Deputy Director-General in 1995 and Spokesman and Director-General of Press and Communication in 1999. After that he has held positions as Director-General of Justice and Home Affairs (later Justice, Freedom and Security) and Director-General of Internal Market and Services (later Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union). September 2015, he was appointed Director-General in the Secretariat-General entrusted with the special mission, on behalf of President Juncker, to chair the "Task Force for Strategic Issues related to the UK Referendum. Jonathan Fault studied law at the University of Sussex and has an MA from the College of Europe in Bruges.

 - (Dec 07 2015)

The debate was introduced by Paul DUJARDIN, General Director of Bozar (in Dutch).

Bozar has shown a remarkable growth as a culture house. It now employs about 400 staff members. It continues ambitious investment plans. Its activities are much broader than pure fine arts. Despite its vicinity to the Brussel Grand Place, Bozar does not contribute to its liveliness, nor to that of the Sablon. Other city quarters organize related projects. Paul Dujrdin is aware of the challenges which Bozar faces and presented his viesw on the place of Bozar in Brussels and Belgium of tomorrow.

 - (Dec 03 2015)

Guided tour of the exhibition «Imagine Istanbul», followed by the Santa Claus Dinner at the University Foundation.

Istanbul is a catalyst of cultural processes that has constantly changed its meaning, significance and appearance. Istanbul perpetually evolves and continues to defy a single representation, a defining telling or any generalisation. Istanbul therefore is an indefatiguable muse. 

‘Imagine Istanbul’  looks at some defining artists of 20th century Turkish photography – but also music, cinema and literature- to illustrate how these art forms shaped the way we see this city. It explores a series of photographic revelations, bodies of work that move alongside the dividing waters of the city. 

 - (Nov 26 2015)

Guided tour of the exhibition “ANATOLIA. Home of eternity", followed by a dinner at the University Foundation.

Anatolia has long been a bridge between Europe and Asia, where numerous migrations have resulted in a fascinating cultural exchange. It is perhaps the greatest cradle of cultures in the world and has an extraordinarily rich heritage, thanks to an uninterrupted and twelve millennia-long succession of civilisations. However different these civilisations were, it is remarkable how cults and rituals were passed down, some even to this day. 

 - (Nov 19 2015)

The debate "The global and local environment: thoughts on the eve of the world wide meeting on climate change" was introduced by mr. Patrick Van Haute, Director of the OECD Council and Executive Committee Secretariat.

The speaker, from a family of Belgian diplomates, has a very important function at the OECD, which regroups the industrializd countries. In this way he is familiar with the options considered with respect to the general environment, energy, and climate change. He discussed the OCDE reports concerning the Belgian situations and the challenges our federal and regional governments ahve to cope with.

 - (Oct 20 2015)

Concert with M. Thomas REIF, laureate of the Queen Elisabeth competition for violin 2015, with mrs. Daria Marshinina, piano, followed by a walking cocktail with special Belgian dishes. 

Programme :

Sonate nr 4, opus 23 by Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonate for violon and piano by César Franck

 - (Oct 02 2015)

The debate was introduced by Professor Vincent Blondel, rector of UCL (in French).

The disclosures of the world wide activities of the NSA and the possibilities of the social media have shown the threats to the citizens and their privacy, usually characterized by « Big data, Big business, Big Brother ». The speaker, a specilist of complex netowrks, will discuss the state of the art of the technology and the possibilities big data offer to companies and the challenges to the citizens and the politicians.

 - (Sep 09 2015)

Love and sorrow ignited – belcanto romance on the beach 

’How good it is to rest a while under a tree when the sun is hot and sultry.’ These words, the first in the libretto, immediately set the tone: let’s prolong the summer with the help of the warm breeze that Damiano Michieletto and his team let waft through this score. This is a production that does justice to the freshness which Donizetti, who dominated Italian opera in the 1830s with numerous new works, injected into the melodramma genre. His L’Elisir d’amore is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces of 19th century opera buffa. This work has everything: melodic inventiveness to match the character portraits, contrast, and keenly felt pathos alongside comic irony. And, of course, the elixir of love also works its magic: not only on Nemorino, who wants to win Adina for himself, Tristan-style, but also on audiences, which have loved this opera ever since its first performance in 1832.


 - (Jun 23 2015)

Lecture by Minister Koen Geens on the reform of the Belgian judicial system : "Are there sufficient financial means or are the main problems elsewhere?", followed by a walking cocktail.

 - (Jun 12 2015)

For our yearly activity of garden tours we selectedGroentheater, Sobieskipark, Tuinen van de bloemist. The tour will be gudied by Prof. Jan Rammeloo, honorary director of the " Plantentuin van Meise", professor emeritus at Antwerp University. 

12 h: lunch in the restaurant van het Atomium - Garden tour in the afternoon.