First "Fernand Collin Prize for Law" for English-language research works

Since 1962, a Fernand Collin Prize for Law has been awarded for scientific works carried out in Flemish universities, first every ten years, and later, from 1982, every two years, as a tribute to Fernand Collin (1897-1990), president of the Kredietbank from 1938 to 1973 and also professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. The administrative organization for the submission of applications and for the work of the jury is taken care of by the University Foundation.
This prestigious prize was reserved for works in Dutch. Since more and more scientific works in the universities in Flanders are written in English, it was decided to organize, in addition to the biennial Fernand Collin Prize for Dutch-language research works (in even years), a biennial Prize for English-language works (in odd years). ) for doctoral works or other research works in legal sciences, realized in the universities in Flanders. This Fernand Collin Prize for English language research works as organized for the first time in 2023.