Future Cultural Activities of the University Foundation Club

For the he concerts at Bozar for the next academic year the reader is referred to the relevant news item on the Dutch or French web pages.

Tuesday March 28, 2017 : Evening activity at the occasion of the publication of the book Sils Maria: L'île des bienheureux selon Nietzsche. Haut lieu de culture et de rencontres européennes et internationales.

Cultural trips planned in the present academic year:

  • Monday May 22 to Saturdayday May 25, 2017: Cultural trip to Tuscany, guided by Mr. Damien Wigny.    
  • Tuesday October 3 to Saturday October 7, 2017: Roman Art in le Roussillon, guided by Prof. Jacqueline Leclercq–Marx (ULB) and Prof. Dierik Verbeelen (VUB).    

For further information please see the French or Dutch web pages.